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Girl can't find her mitten! Is it lost, or did something far worse happen to it? Hamster sleuths, Tilly and Greta, set out to solve the mystery. But they'll have to leave their cozy cage, somehow get down from Girl's dresser, and maybe even have a showdown with their archenemy, Cat! Will Tilly and Greta end up heroes---or catnip?

Ages: Picture Book
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2015 Winner of the Creative Women of Oklahoma Award for writing

“Grrr night, sleep tight, eat a bedbug tonight,” says Woolsey’s Granny as she tucks his moss quilt around him.

But Woolsey has things to do before he heads off to nightmareland. He has to rub his fangs, read a ghoul-time story and count the bats.

Will Granny every get Woolsey into bed? And what do little monsters dream of when they go Grrr Night?

Ages: Picture Book
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Princess Pia Scarlett wants to watch fireflies at night. Her sister, The Darling Millicent, refuses to let Pia sleep on the top bunk until Pia stops wetting the bed. The sisters make a bet ... Who will win?

Ages K - 3rd

Cinderella cleaned the fireplace. Snow White ate a poisoned apple. Hansel and Gretel got lost in the woods. Now Callie has a stepmother. What's going to happen to her?

Ages K - 3rd