Friday, July 26, 2019

Author Quickie Interview: Desiree Webber

A warm welcome to author, Desiree Webber:

What type of books do you write?  
My books for young people are The Buffalo Train Ride, which was published by Doodle and Peck this year, and Bone Head: Story of the Longhorn. I have also written professional books for teachers and librarians, which include Travel the Globe, The Kids' Book Club and Integrated Library Systems. 

Where is your favorite place to write? ​My home office is where I go to write, research and drink tea.

What one piece of advice would you give future writers?  ​Learn as much as you can about the craft and stay current on the business aspects of publishing. Schedule your day for writing. Even if you don't accomplish much--show up and sit down. Then it will become a habit.

In one to three sentences tell us about your latest book:
The Buffalo Train Ride is about fifteen buffalo who rode a train from the Bronx Zoo in New York to Oklahoma Territory in October 1907. President Teddy Roosevelt and others created America's first bison refuge in Oklahoma. The book contains fun, interesting information including "Buffalo Bits":  "Wolves may have been a bison's deadliest enemy but so was nature. A cyclone caught Mr. Ely Moore while hunting in 1854. He escaped injury but found two unlucky buffalo. The mighty winds had completely stripped them of hair."

Website or blog where people can learn more about you? I have a free curriculum guide for teachers and librarians who purchase my book. Send an email to

What are you reading at the moment? ​I am reading three books: The Story of the Texas Rangers by Walter Prescott Webb, I'll tell you a Tale by J. Frank Dobie and The Shawnee- Cattle Trail by Gary & Margaret Kraisinger.  I love factual books and biographies.

Thank you, Desiree!


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