Friday, December 6, 2019

Seasonal Attitude Adjustment

I am an autumn girl. I spend the hot summer longing for the return of “Sweater Weather.” I’m into everything associated with autumn – cool mornings, an aromatic crockpot full of chicken noodle soup, layered clothing, snuggling under afghans, the trees changing into their brilliant colors of gold, orange and yellow - it’s my season.

But my sister would make the perfect beach girl. Sun, sand, waves – it’s her dream. She loves the heat. And a good friend of mine simply lives for winter (I know, there’s one in every bunch).  She prays for snow and icicles along with her “hot chocolate and mittens weather.” Spring has its devotees also. And, I admit, after a long, cold winters the first buds of spring make me smile.

Unless you live in a perpetually warm or cool climate, most of us have to endure the seasons we are less fond of to get to the seasons we love. In other words, we have to take turns. Now, if we’re really honest, most of us aren’t fond of taking turns. We want what we want when we want it. But with the seasons we are forced to wait patiently until our favorite comes around. No amount of impatience, coercion, or downright holding our breath will hurry the change of a season along.

In fact, I think the changing seasons may be one of God’s ways of teaching us about attitude adjustment. Even though I hate winter, I still have the choice of being totally miserable or cuddling up under a cozy afghan with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book and enjoying some “me” time. 

Sometimes we make the bad times in life worse by our attitude. And, sometimes we can’t see the good times because we are so busy rehashing the bad times. It never hurts to occasionally take a “seasonal attitude adjustment.” Who knows, you might find out summer isn’t so bad when experienced while holding a glass of lemonade and running through a sprinkler!

Love and blessings,


Marie Stump said...

Well said! We miss so many joys in the present because we’re too busy wishing for what is behind us or being impatient for lies ahead. I’m glad we live where we get to experience all four seasons.

Cristina Trevor said...
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