Saturday, August 1, 2020

Side by Side

There is a duplex near the burger place where we get lunch sometimes. It fascinates me. It pokes at the part of my brain that loves comparisons and contrasts. Two identical doors with two identical wooden framed flower beds. But one owner/renter chose to plant green bushes that spiral unchecked, a little wild. The other owner/renter has carefully placed pots full of assorted plants all neatly in a row. 
My brain forms all kinds of questions such as, do these people know each other, or are they simply strangers inhabiting the same, yet slightly different, space. Today, I noticed that the duplex on the right boasted windows covered in aluminum foil. And not only the windows, but also the screen door. Which, for me, begs the question, why the screen door? Presumably, there is another, solid door behind it. My writer's brain takes off. 
Is the owner/renter afraid of aliens or the government reading his thoughts?
How would I feel if I walked outside one day and my nearest neighbor (literally the other side of the wall) had redecorated with aluminum foil? What if...
For those wondering, this is how it starts. This is how the writer's brain works. We finally ask that one question. That question that leads to the creating.
What if...

Love and blessings,

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